NCEAC Accreditation

Accreditation is to be used to assure the quality of computing degree programs in higher education institutions. It would require an educational institution or program to meet certain defined standards or criteria. The accreditation will be for specific degree programs and not institutions. Moreover, accreditation is not to be confused with a certification. In general, institutions and programs are accredited, and individuals are certified.

Accreditation Visits

  • NCEAC secretariat will constitute AIC (Accreditation Inspection Committee)
  • NCEAC Chairperson will head AIC or member nominated by chairperson
  • The inspection process shall be carried on in a manner to evaluate programs preferably alternatively one from public sector and one from private sector.
  • Zero Visit

    Zero Visit is required for those Institutes who are launching a new computing program.

    Interim Visit

    An interim visit is required for those Institutes who are yet to be accredited. Interim Visit will be conducted during the Second/Third year of the program.

    Accreditation Visit

    Accreditation Visit will be conducted in the final year of those batches, which are going to be graduated.

    Confirmatory Visit

    If an institute has reservations on the NCEAC General Council’s decision regarding the outcome of their accreditation, the institute can apply for a confirmatory visit.

    Change of Scope Visit

    If an institute desires to change the number of intake of a specific program that was accredited by NCEAC then the institute can apply for a Change of scope visit.

Accreditation Fee

Visit Type In-words Fee
Zero Visit Seventy Five Thousand Only 75,000/-
Interim Visit Hundred Thousand Only 100,000/-
Accreditation Visit Two Hundred Thousand Only 200,000/-
Confirmatory Visit Hundred Thousand Only 100,000/-
Change of Scope Visit Hundred Thousand Only 100000/-