Accreditation of Programs

  1. The Council will publish a roster of Accredited Programs as prescribed.
  2. The Recognized Computing Qualifications granted by institutions recognized by the respective authorized bodies outside Pakistan shall also be recognized by the Council as per need in case of Pakistani graduates of Computing program.
  3. Every institution in Pakistan which has an Accredited Program shall furnish such information as the Council may, from time to time, require as to the courses of study and examination to be undergone in order to obtain such Recognized Computing Qualification.
  4. The Council shall appoint such number of Program Evaluators as it may deem requisite to attend at any or all of the examinations held by the institutions in Pakistan for the purpose of granting Recognized Computing Qualifications which are Accredited or in respect of which Accreditation has been sought.

Accreditation Visits

  1. NCEAC will constitute AIC (Accreditation Inspection Committee)
  2. Chair person will head AIC or member nominated by chair person
  3. The inspection process shall be carried on in a manner to evaluate programs preferably alternatively one from public sector and one from private sector.
  4. Zero Visit

    Zero Visit for Institutes, those launch new computing program.

    Interim Visit

    Interim Visit for those batches, which are yet to be accredited. The Interim Visit will be conducted during the Second/Third year of the program.

    Accreditation Visit

    Accreditation Visit will be conducted in the final year of those batches, which are going to be graduated.