NCEAC Accreditation

Online Accreditation System

NCEAC has launched its online system called Accreditation Automation System (AAS) and shifted from accepting paper-based application to online application, NCEAC now requires information about one focal person from each University (and for each campus) and also the focal person for each one of its affiliated institution.

The focal person will liaison with NCEAC regarding the accreditation application. NCEAC deals with each campus and affiliated institute as an independent entity.

NCEAC requires the following information of the focal person (Name, Designation, CNIC, Email, and Contact No.).

For any guidance regarding the submission of accreditation application please contact the NCEAC IT team on or

Contact No. +92-51-90802771-2 or +92-51-90402771-2

Accreditation Fee

Visit Type In-words Fee
Zero Visit Seventy Five Thousand Only 75,000/-
Interim Visit Hundred Thousand Only 100,000/-
Accreditation Visit Two Hundred Thousand Only 200,000/-
Confirmatory Visit Hundred Thousand Only 100,000/-
Change of Scope Visit Hundred Thousand Only 100000/-